Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Abstract

I have always had an appreciation for abstract painting.  I enjoy getting lost in the shapes, colors and textures.  I admittedly haven't always understood the "art speak" regarding the explanation of some abstract paintings.  To me to try to explain an abstract is nearly impossible and honestly I don't think that an abstract should necessarily be explainable.  Anyway, in constant experimentation and exploration I have painted some abstracts, this being the first 16"x12" oil.  It is a lot harder than it looks.  There is a lot more thought involved than one would think.  Some of it is spontaneous luck some is very deliberate.  In the end I don't think any explanation of an abstract can make it or break it.  For me when I see one, I either like it and it draws me in, or I don't.  It is either good or bad.  I wouldn't go so far as to say my first attempt is good but it was a satisfying process.  So here it is open for criticisms, no turning back now.

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